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Authentic Bullion is the World’s leading precious metals and bullion specialist that for close to 50 years has assisted investors of every type to buy and sell gold bullion, silver, platinum, and palladium online.

We pride ourselves on assisting a very diverse range of clients, including retail investors, SMSF trustees, financial advisors, high net worth individuals, family offices, and wholesale managed funds. Authentic Bullion’s range of gold and silver cast bars, as well as our signature Eureka, minted products, are produced at Authentic Refinery, the only independent refinery in the world accredited by the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the CME Group. Customer service is our top priority. At Authentic Bullion, we are proud of our history, scale, and expertise, all of which allow us to provide world’s largest range of gold bullion and other precious metal products, accompanied by a second to none customer service experience and the lowest buying premiums available

1,903.43 – Gold Spot Bid Price
1,904.43 – Gold Spot Ask Price
1903.44 – Gold Spot High Price
1903.44 – Gold Spot Low Price
0 – Gold Spot Price Change
0% – Gold Spot Percent Change
24.43 – Silver Spot Bid Price
24.53 – Silver SPot Ask Price
24.4275 – Silver Spot High Price
24.4275 – Silver Spot Low Price
0 – Silver Spot Price Change
0% – Silver Spot Percent Change
918.53 – Platinum Spot Bid Price
923.53 – Platinum SPot Ask Price
918.526 – Platinum Spot High Price
918.526 – Platinum Spot Low Price
0 – Platinum Spot Price Change
0% – Platinum Spot Percent Change
2110.36 – Palladium Spot Bid Price
2115.36 – Palladium Spot Ask Price
2110.36 – Palladium Spot High Price
2110.36 – Palladium Spot Low Price
0 – Palladium Spot Price Change
0% – Palladium Spot Percent Change


DIVERSIFICATION Many leading financial advisors recommend allocating between 2% to 10% of your assets to precious metals. Markets are fickle; precious metals are timeless.

ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY With a history of safeguarding against economic and political uncertainty, and in a world of rising debt, precious metals can be a safe and secure asset.

CONSTANT DEMAND Precious metals are sought after as a safe-haven investment, for their beauty and lustre, and also for their unique properties in industrial applications.

LONG TERM SAFE HAVEN .Unlike fiat currencies which are subject to the whims of government policy and intervention, precious metals cannot be debased.

TANGIBLE ASSET .Bullion has a physical form and natural value – it is a highly liquid asset that provides investment portfolio diversification.

UNDENIABLE INTRINSIC VALUE .For over 6,000 years, gold and silver have been used as monetary units of exchange, symbols of status, and icons of power.



Trading continuously since 1972, Authentic Bullion is a cornerstone of the World’s most physical precious metal market

Authentic Bullion products are made at the LBMA, SGE, and CME Group accredited Authentic Refinery

Distributors for major global mints such as the Royal Australian Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, The Royal Mint (UK), South African Mint, and PAMP

Buy and sell precious metals twenty-four hours a day, and track the value of your portfolio online

Wide range of products including bar, coin and pool allocated precious metals, perfect for SMSF investment

All metals stored by Authentic Bullion are independently audited and fully insured

Access Authentic Bullion Gold Saver, World’s first savings account for real gold and silver

Live pricing on gold, silver, platinum and palladium, as well as daily email updates and market information

Full range of allocated storage solutions including private vaulting via Custodian Vaults

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